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Hungary and Israel

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Wouldn’t it be weird if the same people who engineered the Brexit vote and got Trump elected also happened to be behind the election of far right leaders across Europe like Hungary’s Viktor Orban? Wouldn’t it also be strange if Israel was creating far right militia’s in Europe and helping get far right parties elected into power? Wouldn’t it also be strange if this was facilitated by an American media company with ties to the elites and the government? Well we live in strange times….

The recent resurgence of the far right across Europe and the proliferation of far right propaganda via the alternative media is promoted as an organic happening, an uprising of the disgruntled and disenfranchised, a reaction to an unfair society, loss of identity and imposing of ridiculous political correctness. We have seen in the previous two blog posts that the media darlings of the right wing are financed by a small group of very wealthy people with connections to the British and American establishment who had a vested interest in getting the UK out of the EU and Trump in power. This recent uprising was far from an organic movement, it was a long thought out and well executed behaviour change program, utilising the psychological warfare methodology of the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. It serves a select group of far right billionaires and millionaires and was seemingly given the green light by members of the UK and US government and functioned by spreading fear, hatred, xenophobia and in their own words, “Leveraging a false enemy to fight against.”

Creating an enemy:

When you are seeking to exploit a minority group and direct the anger of a disenfranchised mass towards them, there are several things that we see unfold. In the vast majority of these cases it involves a disgruntled population looking to those in power to ask, quite reasonably, “Why does life and society seem so imbalanced?”  At this point the savvy rich person will tell the group of poor people that, despite evidence to the contrary, they are not to blame for stockpiling wealth and abusing resources – oh no perish the thought. The rich people will tell the poor people that another group of poor people is to blame for their lack of money/opportunity/hope/future/prospects. Now on the face of it most sensible people would cry nonsense and realise it is the wealthy people who have stolen your money, not those with nothing – but people are complicated and contradictory beasts. It is difficult to have a go at the powerful as often you are on a hiding to nothing. In fact, choosing this line of enquiry will ultimately make you feel even more powerless and helpless to prevent your future from spiralling out of your control. It is far more psychologically comforting to blame someone that you feel superior to. 

The key to choosing a perfect enemy is twofold. They must be well known enough to provide a level of fear and you have to be ignorant enough of the facts of this group to believe the propaganda. They also should appear powerful enough to be a threat to everything you hold dear whilst, at the same time, not having the sufficient influence to argue their corner or defend their position. Therefore, anything that can be positioned as foreign or an exotic “other” will fit the bill nicely and provide all the required variables for a really successful hate target. The first group of poor people will be so incensed that the second set of poor people might get something that they don’t, that they will completely forget that it is the wealthy people who are purposefully withholding/keeping resources to themselves in order to keep the masses fighting against each other. 

Steve Bannon:

With that in mind, half man half soiled bean bag stolen from a poorly funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, Steve Bannon has been busy recently.

He has been trolling around Europe trying his darndest to set up a far right foundation which he hopes to name with the dystopic moniker The Movement. Ironically the Movement is also an American Hip Hop/ Reggae band, who I assume do not share Bannon’s political views. Since his departure from the White House in August of 2017, the former Breitbart editor has met a series of right-wing leaders including France's Marine Le Pen, Alice Weidel of Alternative for Germany, Hungary's Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage. In March he urged a Front National rally in France to "let them call you racist" and "wear it as a badge of honour" as he claimed that history was on the side of the far-right, which shows he is quite the rabble rouser, even if his grasp of history is comically inadequate.  Bannon has also praised recent far right politician Matteo Salvini, who became Italy's deputy prime minister this year. Mr Salvini has announced a census of the country's Roma community and closed its ports to humanitarian ships rescuing migrants off the coast of Libya. "Italy is the beating heart of modern politics," Bannon said. "If it works there it can work everywhere."  During a recent visit to the UK he described the founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, as the "backbone" of Britain in comments made off-air after his appearance on Farage's LBC radio show. It is possible that he merely mispronounced “gammon” but I seriously doubt it.

Marine Le Pen was, at one time the darling of Steve Bannon’s Breitbart. The right wing magazine heavily promoted her and the issues that she used to manipulate the public. At one point Breitbart was going to set up a French office to support Le Pen in the same way that they opened the London branch to help ex- city trader and front runner for the lead if there is ever another live action version of Toad of Toad Hall, Nigel Farage.

Recently Bannon has turned his attention to Le Pen’s niece, Marion Marechal-Le Pen as a potential “rising star” of the far right in Europe. At a recent press conference e held in France he stated, “What I’ve learned is that you’re part of a worldwide movement that’s bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary, bigger than all of us,” He may be right, but this has been manufactured by the wealthy.

It was recently exposed that the far right AFD party in Germany was being promoted via Gatestone Media. You may remember from the first blog (see part one) that Gatestone media was the company that made the videos showing Germany and France as having fallen to Sharia law as part of Cambridge Analytica’s propaganda program to get Trump elected. You may also remember that it is financed by Nina Rosenwald. Nina Rosenwald was, in 2003, a recipient of the Louis Brandeis Award, given by the Zionist Organization of America for her pro-Israel advocacy. Rebecca Mercer also helps fund Gatestone Media via her family foundation. Funding for Gatestone also comes from the MEF (Middle East Forum) a hard line, conservative pro-Israel think tank. Gatestone Media also provides content for Rebel Media, which is financed by Robert Mercer (main financier of Breitbart and the Trump campaign). John Bolton sits on the board Gatestone Media. He was the architect of the war on terror and now the National Security Advisor to the President of the USA.

As reported by the Intercept magazine:

“Election-watchers expected a flood of fake news and inflammatory social media aiding Alternative for Germany, known by its German initials, AfD, to come from Russia. But one of the major publishers of online content friendly to the far-right party is an American website financed in large part and lead by Jewish philanthropist Nina Rosenwald.

Rosenwald’s site, the Gatestone Institute, publishes a steady flow of inflammatory content about the German election, focused on stoking fears about immigrants and Muslims. In one of the most recent posts, the website warns of the construction of mosques in Germany and claims that Christianity is becoming “extinct.”

The Gatestone posts, which are often translated into German, are regularly promoted by AfD politicians and AfD-related social media groups to justify the party’s crusade against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy.

One viral Gatestone story claimed that Germany was “confiscating homes to use for migrants.” The piece — which was shared by AfD supporters, including Thomas Rudy, a senior AfD politician in the central German state of Thuringia — claimed that vacant homes in Hamburg were seized by local authorities seeking new housing solutions for the “hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.”

Local German press, however, condemned the Gatestone story as false. A single house in Hamburg went into temporary trusteeship after several apartments at the home remained vacant. “Refugees did not play a role in the district’s decision,” fact-checking website Correctiv noted.

The story was typical of Gatestone’s approach. The website’s Germany-related coverage includes story after story about migrants raping German women, claims that migrants are bringing “highly infectious diseases” to Germany, and Muslims are transforming entire German neighborhoods into “no-go zones” where local police have lost control. Many of the claims about Muslims in Europe have been debunked as false or sensationalized.

Gatestone articles in the past have notably elevated Björn Höcke, an AfD leader who represents the party’s far-right faction.

She (Rosenwald) is the daughter of the late William Rosenwald, a famous Jewish philanthropist who used his share of the Sears, Roebuck & Co. department store fortune to settle Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi terror in Europe. Nina, however, has emerged as one of the most generous donors to campaigns against Muslim refugee in the U.S. and Europe.

As The Intercept previously reported, Rosenwald’s foundation not only finances Gatestone, but also funds leading Islamophobic pundits, including Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, and David Horowitz. Horowitz is the conservative activist who mentored Stephen Miller, a White House aide who was closely involved in President Donald Trump’s executive order temporary banning individuals from several Muslim-majority countries. As journalist Max Blumenthal reported in 2012, Rosenwald is an active supporter of hardline pro-Israel groups, and a former board member at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The (Gatestone) website is currently chaired by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, the former Bush administration official who was reportedly vetted by the Trump administration for a national security-related role, but was ultimately passed over. The Gatestone Institute lists Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, Fox News pundit Pat Caddell, and Breitbart News editor Raheem Kassam as “distinguished senior fellows” who contribute to the site.

Rebekah Mercer, a major Trump donor and financial backer of Breitbart News, was listed as a member of the Gatestone Institute “board of governors” earlier this year, but her name was later removed from the website. Mercer is the daughter of billionaire hedge fund executive Robert Mercer, whose foundation has supported Gatestone over the years.”

By sheer coincidence Gatestone media heavily promoted Marine and Marion Le Pen, Geert Wilders and  Matteo Salvini too.

So a truckload of familiar Mercer and Horowitz financed faces are abound (See the previous blog posts for the significance of this).The purpose of The Movement (the far right organisation and not the reggae band) is to rival the Open Society Foundation, set up by the far rights favourite target George Soros (Read on to see why this is significant) ultimately with the goal of promoting far right ideology and political action.

If you are interested, the goal of the Movement reggae band is, according to band member and lead vocalist Josh Swain:

“I’ve always thought of it as what I like to call alternative reggae. We don’t feel really roots reggae. We’re not Rasta. It comes out a little more hip-hop, a little more rock.”


In May of 2018 Bannon attended and spoke at a conference on the banks of Budapest’s River Danube. The main reason for this was to heap praise on the far right Prime Minister (autocratic dictator) of Hungary, Viktor Orban.  Bannon described Orban as “Trump before Trump”. Orban positions himself as a man of the people (Just like Trump, Farage, Robinson, Wilders and other extremely wealthy far right figureheads) and uses fear and disenfranchisement of the population to provide scapegoats for problems (sound familiar). 

Peter Kreko, the director of Political Capital, a policy research institute based in Budapest is suspicious of the seeming organic nature of Orban’s rise to power. “Bannon comes to Europe to sell himself as the revolutionary, but in Hungary, he’s welcomed by, not just by the far-right, but the government too,” 

“It’s not a movement, it’s a top-down deal to create support for the Hungarian government, there isn’t any kind of popular support. Here the alt-right is being led from above.

“Mr Orban has been successful in creating a movement around him, this is a continuation of that. It’s about making his movement sexier, catchier and more up to date”.

Andras Toth-Czifra, a fellow at the European Stability Initiative, said Mr Orban's friendships should put question marks around his place among mainstream European conservatives.

“In 2017, Orban's government financially supported the organisation of the far-right World Congress of Families in Budapest,” he said.

In the past, Mr Toth-Czifra says the Hungarian leader relied on an element of “plausible deniability,” aware of the risk of upsetting partners in European People’s Party (EPP) grouping to which his FIdesz party belongs in the European parliament.

He has done this even as figures such as Dutch anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders and former leader of the UK’s far-right British National Party, Nick Griffin – both shunned as extremists in their home countries – were welcomed.”

Orban has expertly leveraged a false enemy for his population to rage against using tactics remarkably similar to those of (Bannon financed) Cambridge Analytica. There is a very good reason that these tactics seem so familiar. In the same way that Cambridge Analytica influenced the Brexit vote and Trump campaign, Black Cube – an offshoot of Cambridge Analytica with connections to Mossad manipulated the population with propaganda that suited Orban’s agenda.

How is this all connected?

So you know for about a year I was saying that (despite being a thoroughly untrustworthy character) the recent suggestions that George Soros was encouraging the refugee crisis as part of a leftist plot to take over Europe was nothing more than agitprop, fake stories seeded into the media with little or no evidence to demonise the left and give the right (which are actually financed by the elites and intelligence agencies) a bogeyman to fight against and make themselves feel righteous – well I was right, it was Cambridge Analytica and they bloody well got caught doing it!

The idea that George Soros had engineered the refugee crisis to promote diversity and destroy national identities was mostly pushed by the far right government of Viktor Orban in Hungary (this theory appears to understate the impact of the wars that caused these refugees in the first place and have scant evidence to support them) . I always thought Orban was a rum one since it was revealed that his government paid for busses to take refugees to France and Germany and then used a social media campaign to suggest (incorrectly) that this was the work of Soros and the Open Society Foundation. Orban’s current policy involves stopping trains (that had no scheduled stops in Hungary) and removing and arresting refugees. He then puts them on buses and sends them to Germany and France whilst parading them on state sponsored TV as evidence of a huge influx. Whilst basic, this propaganda is extremely successful. Orban has made the refugee crisis much worse and then blamed his enemies for his actions.

Well it turns out he was aided into power by a Data Mining firm, similar to Cambridge Analytica, which has worked with Cambridge Analytica on Election management in Africa and has Cambridge Analytica board members on its board. Their chief tactic was to spread fear and fake news via social media and honey traps – sound familiar?

Black Cube:

Black Cube is a Data Mining and Election management firm (just like Cambridge Analytica) and Politico magazine revealed it was hired by the  Orban government to spread lies about Soros connected NGO’s to suggest that he (with Germany) were planning a leftist/communist takeover of Hungary (and the rest of the EU).

Aside from spreading straight up lies claiming this conspiracy (with no evidence) they also approached members of NGO’s connected to the OFS and recorded them, before editing the comments to make them seem sinister.

There are huge human rights abuses in Hungary, strangely the government is shy about investigating this or altering these conditions and so it is reliant on Nongovernmental organisations to keep them in check. The Orban government – with the help of Black Cube made it appear that these companies had suggested that Germany should impose law on Hungary – what they actually did was propose checks and balances from other EU counties where human rights abuses are taking place. Bizarrely the Hungarian government wasn’t keen on this. Recently these abuses led to Hungary narrowly avoiding being kicked out of the EU – they were rescued by the UK Conservative Government.

Black Cube was founded by Vincent Tchenguiz with the help of high level ex- Mossad operatives. Vincent Tchenguiz is one of the most prominent shareholders with Cambridge Analytica (see blog post two for the background to this). Just like Cambridge Analytica it is a psy-ops firm with ex intelligence agencies making up the majority of its board. Also just like Cambridge Analytica it is under export control. Cambridge Analytica has a list x clearance, which means it can hold UK intelligence files secret and higher and is under export control to the UK government. This means its techniques are considered a weapon and can’t be used without their explicit say so – this means elements of the UK government and US government and intelligence agencies wanted Brexit and wanted Trump elected. Similarly and terrifyingly Black Cube ( an offshoot of Cambridge Analytica) is under export control to the Israeli Defence Ministry – it is a weapon of the Israeli government and intelligence agencies – and they installed a far right government in Hungary using George Soros as a leveraged fake enemy to fight against. Essentially elements of Mossad got Orban elected. Israel also installed a powerful far right militia in the Ukraine (with the help of the UK, USA and Canada) and Israeli intelligence operatives were also seen during Cambridge Analytica’s recent Nigeria campaign.

So, just to reiterate. 

Cambridge Analytica is a weapon of the British Government; it has to be approved for use and was used to help swing the EU referendum and to get Trump elected President of the USA. Black Cube is an offshoot of Cambridge Analytica and has to be approved before use by the Israeli Defence Ministry. So the exit from the EU by Britain, the election of Trump, the installation of a far right elements in the Ukraine and the installation of a far right government in Hungary were also approved by these governments. These were not popularist uprisings they were engineered by the intelligence agencies of the UK, USA and Israel.

Steve Bannon, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, Sweden’s SD, right wing militia’s in the Ukraine, Germany’s AFD and France’s FN and Le Pen family seem to be connected in their efforts to spread far right sentiment across Europe. I get the impression this is all part of the same program.

Please see my previous blogs for the background to this and the articles sourcing this material. 

It is interesting that we have seen far right parties emerge in Greece (the Golden Dawn) and across Europe in the past few years and would be fascinating to see who is funding these groups.

Please do not get me wrong. I am no fan of George Soros. As far as I can see he is a CIA asset that was used to break up Yugoslavia but in regards to the recent refugee crisis he is being used as a bogeyman to legitimise the fight of the far right. If he is involved it is to play the part of the heel – to play the bad guy and provide a sense of righteousness to his opposition.


The state of affairs in Hungary was recently summed up by Vox magazine:

“Elections there are free, in the sense that the vote counts aren’t nakedly rigged. But they are unfair: The government controls the airwaves and media companies to such a degree that the opposition can’t get a fair hearing. Orbán’s party, Fidesz, stands up bogus opposition parties during parliamentary elections as a means of dividing the anti-Fidesz vote. In April 2018, Fidesz won the national elections, cementing Orbán’s hold on power; international monitors concluded that the opposition never really had a fair chance.

Hungary’s civil society looks free and vibrant on paper, but a patchwork of nonsensical regulations makes it nearly impossible for pro-democracy organizations to do their work. The economy seems to be growing, but a significant number of corporations are controlled by Orbán’s cronies. 

An unending drumbeat of propaganda, from both official state outlets and the private media empires of Orbán allies, demonizes refugees and Muslims, warning of an existential threat to Hungarian society and culture — and touting the Orbán regime as the only thing protecting the country from an Islamic takeover. This trumped-up crisis serves as a legitimation tool for Fidesz’s authoritarianism, a pretext for the government to pass laws undermining its opponents.

Call it “soft fascism”: a political system that aims to stamp out dissent and seize control of every major aspect of a country’s political and social life, without needing to resort to “hard” measures like banning elections and building up a police state.”

The Vox article also shows how the state in Hungary took control of the media and the dissemination of information by Orban’s Fidesz party:

“Private media was a principal target of the Fidesz power grab. After the 2010 victory, the Fidesz government used the power of the state to pressure private media corporations to sell to the state or to oligarchs aligned with Fidesz. Tactics included withholding government advertising dollars, selectively blocking mergers that would allow outlets to expand, and imposing punitive taxes on ad revenue.

By 2017, 90 percent of all media in Hungary was owned by either the state or a Fidesz ally, according to a count by Budapest-based scholar Marius Dragomir. This media empire includes every single regional newspaper in the country.”

The electoral process itself was also manipulated to favour the far right:

“Fidesz also worked to reshape the electorate itself. A 2010 law granted citizenship rights to ethnic Hungarians in nearby countries like Romania, including the ability to vote and to access Hungarian social benefit payments. Though many of these ethnic Hungarians have never set foot in Hungary, more than a million non-domestic Hungarians have signed up for the citizenship program. They currently make up about 10 percent of the electorate and are largely on board with Orbán’s right-nationalist agenda, voting for Fidesz at an astonishing 95 percent rate.

Some of these actions have been even shadier. In the past two elections, for example, Fidesz helped create several fake parties — including one party that was being run by someone who turned out to be homeless — that got on the ballot using signatures of Fidesz supporters and dead people. These parties split the anti-Fidesz vote in competitive districts, making it much easier for the Fidesz candidate to win a plurality. 

None of these tactics, on their own, formally ended Hungarian democracy. But combined, they effectively rigged the political system to give Fidesz a nigh-insurmountable edge.”

Orban’s party also have control over the countries business interests:

“You’d think that the Buda office of a successful Hungarian corporation would radiate a sense of power: looking out over the city, confident in its wealth. But the one I visited felt less like Wall Street and more like the site of a wake. One of the company’s founders, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, explained why: The Orbán regime had just shaken them down, using mafia-like tactics to seize control of the corporation.

The founder explained that he had recently received a phone call from a government official, one whose office had nothing to do with the business in question, who had “heard” the man’s corporation was for sale. This was news to the businessman: “We weren’t planning to sell,” he told me.

But the government wanted his company as a way to gain access to a new stream of EU funding the state coveted. Anyone familiar with the way business in Hungary worked, the business executive said, would understand that the phone call was an implicit threat. He could either sell his company, and abandon something he’d spent years building, or watch helplessly as the government choked it to death with taxes and regulations.

“Anybody who has a conflict with any of [Orbán’s] boys, they will get the tax agency within weeks — for many weeks,” he says. “We weren’t forced to sell; we just weren’t allowed to win.”

So he sold his company to a major state-run enterprise. He has since moved his family out of Hungary, elsewhere in Europe — hopefully putting them outside of Fidesz’s reach.

“This place” — meaning Hungary — “is closing down,” he says. “[My] kids will be doing great in a real, free European country.”

This kind of corruption is a defining feature of Hungary’s soft fascism. Unsatisfied with merely making elections unfair, Orbán and Fidesz have turned the state’s power over commerce into an effective tool of social control. 

The state’s economic policies are cleverly designed both to enrich Orbán’s allies and to neutralize potential threats to their hold on power. Fidesz watches Hungary’s business community closely because they’re the people who could finance an anti-government uprising, and punishes those it sees as potentially serious threats.

Few wealthy Hungarians are willing to risk their fortunes by challenging Orbán. And without access to an independent source of funding, it’s difficult for anyone to create a political force strong enough to challenge Fidesz’s hegemony.”

The corruption of the autocratic regime routes out dissent and strengthens itself via economic favours: 

“One of the best ways to understand how this works is to look at the way the government gives out contracts. Most liberal democracies have open and transparent bidding and grant processes. But in Hungary, things work a little bit differently. 

A statistical analysis by István János Tóth and Miklós Hajdu, two scholars at the Corruption Research Center in Budapest, examined more than 126,000 government contracts issued by the Orbán government from 2010 to 2016. Specifically, they looked to see whether contracts issued to companies owned by four hyper-wealthy men in particular — all current or former Orbán allies — differed from those issued to Hungarian firms without such connections. 

What they found was striking. Contracts awarded to the four men were disproportionately likely to be awarded without a bidding process, and the companies were particularly likely to receive EU funds, over which the government exercises tight control.

Lőrinc Mészarós, one of the four men the study looked at and a childhood friend of Orbán’s, trained professionally as a gas technician. In 2009, he was not a particularly wealthy man. But under the Orbán government, he managed to build up a wide-ranging business empire on the basis of these government contracts. By 2017, he was the eighth-richest man in Hungary, with a fortune of roughly $392 million.

“The fact that I’ve made it to this point can surely be attributed to the roles played by God, luck and Viktor Orbán,” Mészáros said in a 2014 interview with a pro-Fidesz newspaper.”

Soros paid for Orban’s education:

In a hugely ironic turn of events it was George Soros that initially championed a young Viktor Orban and even paid for the future autocrat’s education. In 1991 Orban gladly accepted over £1 million donation from George Soros to help him with environmental concerns. It is also true that despite what Orban’s propaganda states Soros only spent $3.6 million in Hungary in 2016. This is a fraction of what the Orban government spent demonising him with their propaganda campaign. It is almost certain that the Black Cube/ Cambridge Analytica campaign cost even more. The money Soros spent was used to battle government corruption, human rights abuses and to promote equality for different races, religions and sexual orientations.


Some of you may recall that recently Mossad and the Israeli government (along with Mi6 and the UK government) were accused of installing a far right, neo Nazi militia’s in the Ukraine, which seems to be part of a wider pattern of spreading right wing and nationalist ideology. One of these groups is the Azov battalion.

“Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist group’s hands, while Israeli human rights activists have protested arms sales to Ukraine on the basis that weapons might end up with anti-Semitic militias.

In a letter “about licenses for Ukraine” obtained by The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli defense ministry’s arms export agency says they are “careful to grant licenses” to arms exporters “in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities.”

The Azov Battalion proudly state that they use Israeli Tavor rifles: 

“The rifles are produced under licence from Israel Weapon Industries, and as such would have been authorized by the Israeli government. IWI markets the Tavor as the “primary weapon” of the Israeli special forces.”

The UK, the USA and Canada have also been providing weaponry and training these same neo Nazi’s.

“US weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, and training have been provided to Azov.

Under pressure from the Pentagon, a clause in the annually renewed defense bill banning US aid to Ukraine from going to the Azov Battalion was repeatedly stripped out.

This went on for three straight years before Democratic lawmaker Ro Khanna and others pushed it through earlier this year.”

In regards to Canada:

Recent postings on Azov websites document a June meeting with the Canadian military attaché, Colonel Brian Irwin.

According to Azov, the Canadians concluded the briefing by expressing “their hopes for further fruitful cooperation.”

Today, Azov is run by Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s interior minister. According to the BBC, he pays its fighters, and has appointed one of its military commanders, Vadym Troyan, as his deputy – with control over the police. Azov have been accused by the UN of committing war crimes. 

In a screaming piece of irony, when interviewed, Azoz fighters proudly state that they fight against Russia because Vladimir Putin is a Jew! The logic train clearly does not stop at their station.

Boris Johnson

In the summer of 2018 Foie Gras stuffed scarecrow Boris Johnson met with Steve Bannon several times. This was off the back of Cambridge Analytica’s (financed by Bannon) success in the EU referendum and Bannon’s recent yearning to start his far right Movement. Following this Johnson released his now infamous comment comparing Burkhas to pillar boxes and later he compared Theresa May to a suicide bomber. The pandering to his new benefactor could not have been more obvious if he had used Bannon’s underwear to floss his teeth. This was plainly an attempt to consolidate with Bannon and to appeal to his base with xenophobic, Islamaphobic rhetoric.

Let us not forget that leaving the EU would withdraw the UK from certain tax avoidance laws that would otherwise scupper the offshore bank accounts of people like Jacob Rees Mogg, David Cameron and Boris Johnson – who were exposed as having semi-legal offshore bank accounts in the Panama Papers. This is, I am sure, a complete coincidence.

This was not the first time that the Foreign Secretary and brain damaged Labrador had met with Cambridge Analytica. In December 2016 Johnson met with Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica on the advice of the Foreign office. He failed to disclose this meeting in the normal ways, forgetting to record it in any parliamentary logs and certainly not making this public knowledge.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office asked SCL Group to help shape their foreign policy data strategy. This was revealed by BellaCaledonia magazine who reported on the ‘Diplomacy in the Information Age’ conference in February 2017. What was discussed there is as follows:

“Networks – Both diplomatic and social. Understanding, developing, disrupting them. How are networks evolving beyond traditionally geographically centred relationships to align with interests and ideology.

“Knowledge – Combing open source, proprietary and privileged information to deliver powerful insights and deep understanding. Big data – finding the signal in the noise.

“Influence – How people get information and form opinions  is changing. New phonemonenia are emerging – post-truth, echo-chambers and filter bubbles. What are effective influence strategies that embrace these changes?

Forecasting – How can data and data-driven decision making help us anticipate issues  and opportunities early and where possible take effective action to mitigate/exploit these?”

Comforting stuff eh? This was after the court expose of Cambridge Analytica’s nefarious tactics – this obviously wasn’t a concern to the Conservative Government though.

Another thing that the Conservatives have no problem with is Viktor Orban’s Hungary. Hungary has for a long time been accused of human rights abuses and is seen by most as an emerging dictatorship.  Recently the EU voted to impose Article 7 on Hungary – essentially kicking them out and removing any aid/funding. The Independent Newspaper summarises the reasons:

“Some might remember the law that criminalised helping asylum seekers (or “facilitating illegal immigration”) which was introduced in July as a response to the refugee crisis. Considering that Orban had referred to migrants as “poison” and “Muslim invaders” by that point, few were surprised by the so-called “Stop Soros” law (Orban has a particular dislike for George Soros, and Hungary’s government newspaper Magyar Idok has published claims that “Soros activists” wanted to provoke civil unrest). Razor-wire border fences had already been erected around the country in 2015 in response to fleeing refugees from Syria. Over the last few months, organisations seen to ideologically “support immigration” (particularly charities) have been vandalised and demonised by the Hungarian press.

Orban has repeatedly professed his disdain for liberal democracy. After his most recent landslide victory, he said that he was concerned with supporting “the traditional family model of one man and one woman”. He has complained about Europe being “de-Christianised”, or “Islamised”. He wants “Europe to be for Europeans.” For some, he is seen as bringing back power to the people, returning sovereignty to Hungary; making Hungary great again, if you will, by restoring Hungarian control of the banking sector, putting pressure on foreign NGOs, and turning the free press into a perpetually-optimistic government propaganda vehicle.

This final charge is particularly concerning to the EU, as well as the suspicions about election spending, allegations of distributing EU funds to family and friends, and interference in the judicial system (the last one being the reason Article 7 was invoked for the first time, ever, against Poland in December 2017).”

When one realises that Black Cube (The Israeli run Cambridge Analytica offshoot) participated in this election meddling and Cambridge Analytica has a board flooded with current and ex Tory peers and that the Conservatives were in power and would have to allow Cambridge Analytica to utilise its weaponry, perhaps this is not so surprising, it shameful and horrifying but not surprising. This is about the wealthy spreading far right propaganda for their own ends and the scale of the operation is global. 

In July 2018 the Conservatives also announced an alliance with Sweden’s far right SD party, who have a history of promoting White Supremacy. Steve Bannon has also been highly positive about Sweden’s SD – although officially they rebuffed his attempts to connect. Sweden’s far right for some reason wants to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem – in line with Israeli/Mercer/Trump/Bannon policies. 

The Swedish SD party, had previously sat in the EFFD group, with UKIP and Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland AFD. Sweden’s SD, UKIP and the AFD were also part of the failed ADDE a joint far right multi party anti EU political party. UKIP – who complain of the waste of money of the EU put £1.5M of tax payer’s money into forming this party. UKIP have never been shy about spending tax payers money – which some might call hypocritical. Farage and Infowars and Breitbart spread false stories about Sweden in order to stoke right wing sentiment in other countries.

What does this mean?

This means that the promotion of the far right that was tied into Cambridge Analytica’s successful Brexit and Trump campaigns is part of a larger ideological drive to promote fascism across Europe. This is approved by the government and intelligence agencies of the UK, Israel and the US. This is financed by extremely wealthy establishment figures and utilises psychological warfare weapons owned by governments. The rise of the far right in France, Sweden, Greece and Hungary is part of this operation.

  1. There is a company called Cambridge Analytica that bypasses democracy and covertly influences elections all over the globe with the combination of social media, fake news and military psychological warfare tactics, specifically creating artificial enemies to rally against. 
  2. They have connections to the MOD, British Military Intelligence, Mi5, Mi6, The US State Department and the British establishment.  The tactics used by SCL are considered a weapon and are under export control by the British Government. Black Cube is a weapon of the Israeli Government and is under export control from the Israeli Defence Ministry.
  3. They use tactics alarmingly similar to established GCHQ programs like JTRIG and US Military and Intelligence operations designed to influence behaviour via social media and affect mood.
  4. They are owned and or financed by mysterious far right billionaires and millionaires that have a white supremacist ideology. They also finance several arms of alternative media and appear to be trying to normalise far right propaganda by spreading it through the alternative media.
  5. Cambridge Analytica was also responsible for the election of Hungary’s Viktor Orban – who is the main proponent of the idea that George Soros is to blame for the refugee crisis – this turned out to be Cambridge Analytica/Black Cube psychological warfare.
  6. Cambridge Analytica financier, Steve Bannon, is attempting to spread far right popularism across Europe via various different political parties.
  7. Cambridge Analytica is also connected to various data mining and monitoring companies that are part of the ever expanding total information control grid. 

This is by no means a complete picture yet I am just pulling on strings and seeing where the facts take me. But one thing we can definitely see is that there is a concerted effort to promote aggressive nationalism and far right propaganda across Europe. It is being sold as an organic uprising of the masses but in actual fact appears to have been planned, funded and implemented by members of the establishment for their own reasons. These reasons are not entirely clear to me at the present, but (and you can call me an old cynic if you like) I doubt they are altruistic. I don’t understand why people keep putting their trust in a set of proven liars who time and time again put their own interests against the wellbeing of the general population.

*** This excerpt has been added to Blog post one but I have added it hear in case you have already read that part:

Similar to Breitbart, The Daily Caller has also been exposed for having writers that espouse far right sentiment and are members of far right organisations. Atlantic Magazine listed the reporters that have been exposed as racist.

“Scott Greer: Greer spent his time at the Daily Caller writing about immigration and the alt right, along with pieces that painted Native Americans as violent cannibals, blaming black people for the racial disparity in police shootings (referring to slain 12-year-old Tamir Rice as a “large male”) and providing a sympathetic platform to a man fired from his job for turning up at Confederate monument rally in New Orleans decked out in a helmet and shield. According to The Atlantic, Greer started working at the Daily Caller in 2014, while his pseudonym “Michael McGregor” was listed as the managing editor of Radix.

Jason Kessler: The “Unite the Right” organizer wrote three articles for the Daily Caller, including one published on 14 May 2017 that promoted a rally lead by white supremacist Richard Spencer. He penned at least two other stories for the web site, in one of which he interviewed Kyle Chapman, a 41-year-old man known online as “Based Stickman” for swinging a stick at opponents during demonstrations. A third story outlined the gruesome murder of a 17-year-old boy by MS-13 gang members. After a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd at Kessler’s “Unite the Right” rally on 12 August 2017 and killed a woman, the Daily Caller deleted Kessler’s articles.

Peter Brimelow: Brimelow runs the white supremacist web site In March 2017, he wrote a column for the Daily Caller in which he argued that the United States “was to be a nation-state, the political expression of a particular (white, British) people, as in Europe.” As RationalWiki noted, “[] appears to be mainly a platform for Peter Brimelow’s anti-immigration views, which veer frequently into playing footsie with overt white nationalism; the other topics are window dressing. Brimelow has admitted that VDARE does publish people who are white nationalists.” In August 2018, White House speechwriter Darren Beattie was fired for appearing alongside Brimelow at a conference.

Moses Apostaticus: Moses Apostaticus is the rather august-sounding pen name of David Hilton, an anti-Semitic writer who has posted memes expressing the belief that Israel was behind the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. In September 2016 the Daily Caller published an op-ed by Hilton promoting the “cultural marxism” conspiracy theory which posits that any criticism of institutional oppression is a Marxist ruse meant to attack the “straight, white male.” In a January 2017 Daily Caller piece, Hilton promoted another anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and accused billionaire philanthropist George Soros of deploying “foot soldiers” in his scheme to implement a “globalist oligarchy.”


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