Dominic Cummings

On 20th of July 2021 Dominic Cummings, former aide to the PM Boris Johnson and architect of the Vote Leave Campaign, was interviewed by BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg. Immediately this was a touch problematic as Kuenssberg had been prior to this the only journalist that Cummings felt comfortable enough to leak stories to. As reported in the Press Gazette "Dominic Cummings has claimed it "drove the media mad" and that he "essentially stopped talkin...

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Did the UK Go for Herd Immunity?

The UK Government has strongly denied that it ever considered using the tactic of attaining natural herd immunity for the population as a method to deal with the Covid pandemic – except for the many times that they did admit that this was exactly what they were planning and promoted the idea. Confused? It is confusing – mostly because the UK Government has gone out of its way to handle the pandemic crisis in a rather unique manner – by saying the...

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Covid Misconceptions Debunked

The main problem with the alternative media's response to the covid crisis was that they confused contrarianism with critical thinking. When it was announced in early 2020 that there was a pandemic - the alt media en masse simply took the stance - "no there isn't - if the TV and the MSM News says there is, then it stands to reason that the opposite is true." - This is not critical thinking, it's not even free thinking - it's a mantra. So as the e...

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Covid Misinformation in the UK, the Conservative Government, its donors and JTRIG

So this is the third part of my blog series on Covid. The first set out the evidence that the UK government (and others) went for a strategy of attempting herd immunity in the population, principally because this was the direction that their donors wanted them to go in. The main theory proposed by the alternative media was that this pandemic was all a hoax intended to lock us down indefinitely. But that didn't happen. In fact the UK hesitated for...

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Cambridge Analytica, JTRIG and other internet manipulation campaigns:

Ok here is post number four. I am very aware that these are pretty long but the subject is complicated and needs to be backed up with evidence. Also I have a touch of the theatrics about me and therefore, like in a film or play, the main revelations and things that tie it all together are near the end (sorry).This is also true of my Richplanet shows – if you only watched part one you missed all the good stuff (sorry again).Also this is kind of the point. It is through oversimplification of messages that people are able to manipulate one another – people want easy answers not complex ones. The majority of hate rhetoric relies on people not bothering to read the books that are being slagged off or to examine counter arguments to the positions offered. It is by utilising this laziness that falsehoods are allowed to take...

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The Kochs

Have a Koch and a smile. So who are the Koch brothers and what in the wide, wide world of sports do they have to do with this Cambridge Analytica stuff you have been harping on about? Well dear reader, I shall explain. Firstly, despite the fact that it would be a pretty fitting name Koch is not actually pronounced like cock. Sadly life is not a hilarious mash-up of Viz magazine and Charles Dickens. Villains are rarely called Mr Bastard. Rather their name is pronounced coke, like the sweet, delicious, sugary, zesty, life affirming product popular in America and the rest of the world. There is also a drink that shares the same name and is also made in South America but is hugely profitable for the USA. I could have used that for the analogy but I have principles and couldn’t bring myself to be seen to be advocating...

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Cambridge Analytica Part Two

SCL (The parent company of Cambridge Analytica) carries a secret clearance as a 'list X' contractor for the MOD. A List X site is a commercial site on British soil that is approved to hold UK government information marked as 'confidential' and above. Essentially, SCL got the green light to hold British government secrets on its premises. Former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser also told the committee she had seen documents in which Ni...

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Cambridge Analytica Part Three

Cambridge Analytica, Hungary and Israel Hello again, Wouldn’t it be weird if the same people who engineered the Brexit vote and got Trump elected also happened to be behind the election of far right leaders across Europe like Hungary’s Viktor Orban? Wouldn’t it also be strange if Israel was creating far right militia’s in Europe and helping get far right parties elected into power? Wouldn’t it also be strange if this was facilitated by an American media company with ties to the elites and the government? Well we live in strange times. The recent resurgence of the far right across Europe and the proliferation of far right propaganda via the alternative media is promoted as an organic happening, an uprising of the disgruntled and disenfranchised, a reaction to an unfair society, loss of identity and imposing of ridiculous political correctness. We have seen in the previous two blog posts that the...

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Cambridge Analytica in South America and India

Blogging a dead horse “For crying out loud man, are you still banging on about that bloody Cambridge Analytica thing? Who the hell cares?” Hi readers, yes, yes I am. Oh, by the way it’s me I am the one who cares about it. The main reason is that I keep seeing the same patterns emerging again and again. Essentially peoples data is taken and examined in order to cater specific advertising campaigns at individuals designed to get them angry at an issue (often not real or exaggerated to wicked degrees). Using alternative media sources they also spread these lies in order to influence beliefs, behaviours and voting patterns. This is by very definition a mind control program and by the looks of it a surprisingly successful one firstly because it is so catered towards individual psychology and secondly because people are reluctant to believe they are being manipulated. Now here’s...

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