Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica


The most audacious, wide ranging and successful mind control programme of all time exposed in this incredibly detailed, controversial and explosively revelatory blog series. Social engineering, mind control, Mi5, the CIA, Mossad, Data mining, emotional manipulation, the far right, the internet, Social media, Alternative media ,religious extremists , shadowy NGO’s and think tanks, sock puppets, astroturfing, media personalities, billionaires, Nazi’s, fake news, military coups in South America, Europe and Africa, militias, nationalism, psychological warfare, weapons grade communication tactics, cults, pied pipers, JTRIG, perception management, the elites, government policy and election rigging: the little known saga of Cambridge Analytica. 

Neil Sanders
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Exclusive chapter only found in the book explaining who the bankers and hedge fund managers who stand to gain from this chaos.
Chapters include the startling topics:

Chapter 1

What is Cambridge Analytica? Who is behind it? What did they do? How did they do it? What are the connections to British and US intelligence? Why are they considered a weapon of the UK Government? How did they help Trump get elected? How did they help the EU Referendum? What does fake news have to do with this? What is microtargeting? What do the Koch brothers have to do with all of this? Who sponsors the darlings of the Alternative media? Why are so many billionaires financing right wing media channels? Why are the hosts keeping these affiliations a secret? What is Breitbart’s role in all of this? Why did they employ actual admitted Nazi’s to write stories under a pseudonym? Who is a tool of the elites in the Alternative Media? What is the ideology and agenda of these sponsors? How is misinformation used to make you angry? Why are they lying to you?

Chapter 2

Why is Cambridge Analytica considered a weapon? Who founded SCL group? How was Cambridge Analytica formed? What is voter targeting? What is a list X clearance? What is their connection to psychological warfare methodology? Where have Cambridge Analytica influenced elections? How did Cambridge Analytica choose the USA Presidential candidate? What are the tactics of Cambridge Analytica? What are their connections to weapons manufacturers? What are their political and military connections? What is their connection to the British establishment? Who is on their board? What is aggregate IQ? Why should you be careful on Facebook? How important is your data? Why did the UK Government help cover this up? Which stories in the media were false and why did Cambridge Analytica purposefully push them? How did they use fear to target you?

Chapter 3

What is Black Cube? How are Mossad and the IDF connected to Black Cube? What is the connection to Cambridge Analytica? How did they help Viktor Orban get elected in Hungary? How is this connected to broader programmes? How do you create an enemy to rally against? How is Steve Bannon involved? What is the Movement? How is Nigel Farage involved? Why are so many similar far right figures rising across Europe and America? What is Gatestone Media? How did Orban make the refugee crisis worse and why did he blame George Soros? How corrupt is Hungary? Who is financing the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine and why? How have they been tricked into fighting against a leveraged enemy? What does Boris Johnson have to do with all of this?

Chapter 4

How do the elites exploit social media? How does the anonymity provided by the internet affect people? What is social media dependency? How does isolation and overstimulation play into this? What are the connections to mind control and torture programmes? What is JTRIG? What programmes do they have? How is it used? What is the connection to GCHQ? How do cults work? How can you be manipulated online? What are sock puppets? What is astroturfing? How is the CIA involved? What is In Q Tel? What is Palantir? How is your data being harvested? What is Trapwire? How is all of this connected? Who installed the Ukrainian Government? How does Fascism work? What are the tactics that Fascists use?

Chapter 5

What is data driven behaviour change? What is the connection to Brazil? Did they get Bolsanaro elected and why? How does his political ideology align with Cambridge Analytica and why? What are bots and how were they involved in the Brazilian election? How was social media involved? How was fake news involved? What happened after Cambridge Analytica closed down? What is Steve Bannon’s connection to Bolsanaro? How was Cambridge Analytica used in Argentina? How was Cambridge Analytica used in India? How is this all connected to their global programme?

Chapter 6

Who are the Koch brothers? How are they involved with all of this? Which Alternative media figures do they finance? Which Alternative Media outlets do they finance? How do they influence USA Government policy? How do they affect UK Government policy? What is their connection to the Tea Party? Which NGO’s and think tanks are they affiliated with? How are they disguising these media outlets as organic? What is I360? Why have the Kochs been collecting data on you? How are they using this data? Why is voter data becoming more and more important to the elites? How and why do they categorise you? How is this used to manipulate you? How is AI used in this? Why did they buy Time magazine? What are their plans for the NHS? What are their plans for food standards in the UK? How are David Davis, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jacob Rees Mogg involved?

Chapter 7

What is the connection between Nethanyahu and Viktor Orban? Who are Finkelstein and Birnbaum? How did Nethanyahu get elected? What is the methodology? How did they help Orban? How did they pick an enemy? What is true about Soros and the refugee crisis? How is Black Cube involved? Why did they admit to their scheme after it was proven successful?

Chapter 8

What is the Atlas Network? How was it formed? Who is involved? What is its purpose? What are the connections to the Koch brothers? How does this Network help big business? How do these Networks undermine democracy in South America? How is this connected to USA military interventions in South America? How is this connected to US foreign policy? Is this all funded by the US Government?

Chapter 9

What is the Atlas Networks connection to Venezuela? What has privatisation of business got to do with all of this? Who are the FEE? Who are the IEA? Who is involved with them? What influence do they have over the UK and US governments? Who are the Mont Pelerin Society? Who are the Bruges Group? How are all of these connected? What role does the CIA play in these thin tanks? What does this have to do with controlling world oil prices? How is Venezuela a vital component of the Atlas Networks plans? Why are the mainstream media lying to you?

Chapter 10

Who are the Heritage Foundation? What influence do they have? How did they control Thatcher? How did they control Reagan? How is the Heritage Foundation connected to Nazi’s and extreme far right ideologies? How is the religious right and evangelical preachers like Jerry Falwell involved? What is the Mandate for Leadership? How does the Heritage dictate government policy? What was their influence on Clinton? What was their influence on Bush? What was their influence on Obama? How did they fill the Trump administration with their members? Why did Trump have to audition in front of the Heritage before they patronised him as the candidate? How are they involved in the Trump campaign and Administration? How did they get their candidates into the Supreme Court and why? Who was their original choice for President and why did they change their mind? How much of Trumps policies are in fact the Heritage Foundation’s policies? What is the connection to the KCIA? What is their connection to Japanese fascists and the Yakuza? What is the connection to the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon? Is this a CIA mind control cult? What is the connection to the CIA? How were they connected to Iran Contra? How did the Moonies come to the aide of George Bush jr?

Chapter 11

Bonus chapter – Summarising the extremely far reaching influence of the Heritage Foundation and their connections to UK and USA governments and the CIA.

Chapter 12

Who are the CNP? What is the connection to the Left Behind book series? What is the John Birch Society? How are the Heritage Foundation connected to all of this? How is Trump connected to these think tanks? How many of Trump’s staff are connected to these think tanks? How are Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Betsy Devos, Jeff Sessions, Mick Mulvaney and Nikki Hayley involved? What do the CNP want? What is meant by small government? How much influence do they have over USA politics? Do they essentially run the Republican Party? What is the influence on the current USA Administration? Which laws did Trump invoke to appease them? What hoops did Trump have to jump through to get their backing?

Chapter 13

What are the realities of “No Deal”? Are we imposing sanctions on ourselves? Who is pushing for “No Deal” and what do they have to gain? What did they initially say about different trade deals? Why have so many businesses left the UK? Why did they ignore the Ireland problem? How are the Brexit Party connected to Cambridge Analytica? Why do they lie about these connections? Who were the two leave campaigns? What were their tactics? What lies did they spread? How did they break the law? Who is Dominic Cummings? How are the campaigns linked to the Heritage Foundation? Who is Arron Banks and why is he funding Nigel Farage? How has Nigel Farage used the EU to make himself wealthy? How has Nigel Farage abandoned the people who voted for him? What is Nigel Farage’s connection to Steve Bannon? What is Nigel Farage’s connection to the Mercers? How did Nigel Farage illegally help hedge funds on the day of the referendum? What is Nigel Farage’s connection to the Heritage Foundation?

Chapter 14

What is Arron Banks background? Why did he defend a child abuser? What was his career in politics like? How does he make his money? What is his history of political donations? Who is behind Leave.EU? How did they compare themselves to Hitler? What was the approach of their campaign? How are they connected to Cambridge Analytica? How is Arron Banks connected to the Heritage Foundation? How and why did Leave.EU target the far right? How and why did the BBC help cover this information up? How are Cambridge Analytica connected to UKIP? How long have Mercer, Farage and Bannon really known each other? Who are the YBF? What are their intentions? How is Daniel Hannan connected to the YBF? How is UKIP connected to the YBF? How is the leave campaign connected to the YBF?

Chapter 15

What were Cambridge Analytica doing in Italy? How do we know that they were there? Who are La Lega? Who is Salvini? What does Italy First mean? What are Salvini’s views? What are Salvini’s tactics? How does Salvini use social media? How is he similar to Trump? What is the importance of “gut support”? How does Salvini manipulate the media? Who is Luca Morisi? What is the truth about immigration in Italy? How is Salvini connected to Steve Bannon? How is Salvini connected to the Gatestone institute? How is Salvini connected to Orban, Le pen and other far right politicians in Europe? How was Boris Johnson using social media to appear more popular than he actually is?

Exclusive chapter only found in the book explaining who the bankers and hedge fund managers who stand to gain from this chaos.

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