Cambridge Analytica

The most audacious, wide ranging and successful mind control programme of all time exposed in this incredibly detailed, controversial and explosively revelatory blog series. Social engineering, mind control, Mi5, the CIA, Mossad, Data mining, emotional manipulation, the far right, the internet, Social media, Alternative media ,religious extremists , shadowy NGO’s and think tanks, sock puppets, astroturfing, media personalities, billionaires, Nazi’s, fake news, military coups in South America, Europe and Africa, militias, nationalism, psychological warfare, weapons grade communication tactics, cults, pied pipers, JTRIG, perception management, the elites, government policy and election rigging: the little known saga of Cambridge Analytica. Now as an audio file. Have the whole complex story read to you by Neil at your leisure.

Part One - What is Cambridge Analytica?

Part Two - Why is Cambridge Analytica considered a weapon?

Part Three - What is Black Cube?

Part Four - How do the elites exploit social media?

Part Five - What is data driven behaviour change?

Part Six - Who are the Koch brothers?

Part Seven - What is the connection between Nethanyahu and Viktor Orban?

Part Eight - What is the Atlas Network?

Part Nine - What is the Atlas Networks connection to Venezuela?

Part Ten - Who are the Heritage Foundation?

Part Eleven - Bonus chapter

Part Twelve - 

Part Thirteen - What are the realities of “No Deal”?

Part Fourteen - What is Arron Banks background?

Part Fifteen - What were Cambridge Analytica doing in Italy? 

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